Daniel Damocles Wall


Father, husband, creator…

I live in Portland Oregon with my superhero wife, Ilona, and my amazing son Luca. I was once told that the only job I had to do in this life is create, so that is what I do. I began my college career majoring in sound arts, which is primarily sound design and recording. While there I took some painting classes and quickly excelled at it. I had already had a passion for drawing and had also experimented with Photoshop. A few years later I decided to go back to school. I wanted to mix the things I was passionate about so I went for Multimedia and Web Design. Four years later I graduated at the top of my class and won best in show for my portfolio. Then I packed up and moved to Portland Oregon. I worked as an image technician for a company that specialized in scanning micro film and converting it to a digital format. Realizing that this wasn’t my future I took a gig for a photo studio slash ad agency doing web design. During that stint I began using Photoshop as a retoucher, filling in when I could and I even did some photo assisting. I began pushing myself more and more in Photoshop. Even now I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for Photoshop knowledge, always adding more to my bag of tricks. Eventually I took a job with another photo studio where I further honed my skills as a retoucher and a digital artist. Since then I have worked with many companies to help them make awesome things more awesome. Throughout my years as a student and a professional I have freelanced as a retoucher, digital artist, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer, story boarder, painter, and sculptor. I may have a jack of all trades background but I have consistently had passions for visual communication and knowledge of my craft. Currently I am working on expanding my digital art skill set.

daniel (AT) bigwhistlestudios (DOT) com